Property Division (Community and seprate)

Property Division In A Marin County Divorce

Unraveling the debts and assets of a marital estate to reach an equitable distribution in a divorce can be a daunting task. When substantial assets are involved, it is critical that your lawyer has the experience and knowledge to evaluate complex financial matters.

Our attorneys provide detailed legal analysis of California community property laws and advise clients on the options available to resolve a property division dispute. We also possess the financial acuity to recognize improper valuations on many assets, such as deferred stock options.

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The Financial Knowledge And Legal Experience To Safeguard Your Rights

By leveraging our knowledge of financial matters, the legal team at Kaspar & Lugay LLP protects the rights of our clients in Marin and throughout the San Francisco Bay area. Partner Brent Kaspar is a certified public accountant who knows how to conduct an effective asset search in high net worth divorces. Partner Arvin Lugay has advised and represented some of the most prestigious financial and banking institutions in the country in high-stakes litigation.

Why is this so important? Identifying assets, finding hidden assets and giving proper attention to the tax implications that each asset may carry are vital in dividing marital property. Tax implications associated with varied assets can also dilute the value of some assets, which can lead to an unfair surprise if your lawyer is not skilled in analyzing the tax code.

Expertise for Startup Founders, Key Employees, and Equity Holders

Our law firm and our attorneys have a strong background in the financial side of the Bay Area startup ecosystem, and we are able to combine that with our top tier family law expertise to provide a thorough understanding of all the implications of divorce for startup employees and their ownership of restricted stock units (RSUs) among other equity considerations. We can help provide counsel for:

  • Startup founders
  • Early, high-level, or ?key employees at startups
  • RSUs and other equity property of startup employees

In addition, we have written a white paper detailing all the considerations involved in this emerging area of divorce law that is somewhat unique to the Bay Area.

Thorough Evaluation In All Aspects Of The Marital Estate

A thorough review is required to obtain the most favorable property division and avoid disputes following a final judgment. Property disputes commonly involve a variety of assets, including:

  • Primary and secondary homes
  • Real estate investments
  • Business valuations
  • Stocks, including restricted stock units for early employees, high-level employees, founders and later employees
  • Bonds and other investments
  • 401(k)s, IRAs, pensions and other retirement accounts
  • Cars, boats and other vehicles
  • Horses
  • Jewelry

Our experience in complex, high-stakes business and commercial litigation is a clear advantage for our clients. For those with interests in a business or a professional association, we bring an understanding of business law to the table necessary to protect their interests. When a marital settlement agreement cannot be reached, our trial-proven lawyers know how to build a winning court case.

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