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Founder and

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“I was tired of a legal system that didn’t provide quality answers for divorcing couples and any help costed a fortune.”

Dina Haddad, Esq. LLM

The Solution

An online divorce program that takes you step by step through a California divorce without you having to sacrifice quality and still provides you legal support.

Our Background

Dina has over 15 years of California family law litigation and mediation experience. She runs a full time mediation practice in San Jose, California with stellar reviews. She wants the best for you so she spent years perfecting The Complete Divorce.

Our Success

Folks just like you are successfully starting and finishing their divorce in California using our program. Our program is unique. Straight forward. Easy to use. And affordable.

More About Dina

“If you want to take control of your divorce, The Complete Divorce is your answer.”

The Complete Divorce was born from frustration. I wanted folks like you to have the resources you need to divorce well. That means with a great agreement that doesn’t cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars or years of your life! Or a cheap form filling services that leave you with scary divorce papers and potentially multiple rejections from the court! Yikes!! 

I’m so proud of this program. You now have an easy to follow online program to complete your divorce in California! And we offer full legal support along the way!

Before I could do this, I spent quite a bit of time helping others like you in less than ideal situations, including working at top-notch family law firms in California. I also completed a post-doctorate law degree in mediation, a Masters in Law in Alternate Dispute Resolution from the premier Straus Institute for Dispute Resolution. Straus has ranked as the number one dispute resolution program by U.S. News and World Report for 13 of the prior 15 years. I received my law degree from U.C. Hastings College of the Law, a top tier law school, and concentrated in family law; and received my undergraduate degree from UCLA.

Right now, I continue to mediate full-time for couples in the Bay Area at my mediation office, which has been amazing. As a service to the Santa Clara County Family Law Court, I also volunteer as a Settlement Officer. I’m frequently publishing about divorce and mediation. And now, I can help so many more with The Complete Divorce!

As I’m sure it’s the same for you, nothing is more important to me than my family. I’m a proud mother of three and happily married to my husband, who is a marriage and family therapist.

Please take your time to explore our site and do give us a try with our free course. I’m so happy to have you! And check out our FAQs for some really great pointers!

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