The Complete Divorce Process: How to File for Online Divorce in California

If you're contemplating divorce or already in the midst of one, navigating the complex California divorce process can be a daunting task, especially when you're looking for options like online divorce in California. With over 18 years of experience in providing California divorce services, we've distilled two essential principles for your benefit:

  • Cost Doesn't Guarantee Quality:

It's important to understand that spending more money on divorce doesn't necessarily lead to better outcomes. Often, it merely prolongs the process without improving the results, which is why many individuals are turning to online divorce services.


  • Choosing the Right Approach:

The pivotal decision in your divorce journey is selecting the right approach. This choice will significantly impact your success in the divorce process, and online divorce California offers an efficient and convenient way to proceed.

How to Choose the Right Divorce Approach:

 Selecting the right approach involves weighing several critical factors:

  • Cost:

You want a process that won't break the bank, and online divorce services often provide a cost-effective solution.

  • Difficulty Level:

A simple process is essential, and online divorce services are designed for ease of use.

  • Time:

Time-efficient solutions are key, and online divorce in California typically streamlines the process, saving you time.

  • Control:

You want to maintain control over the decisions affecting your life during and after divorce, and online divorce services give you that control.

A divorce process that places you in charge minimizes costs and time, and simplifies complexity is the ideal choice, especially when considering online divorce in California.

TheCompleteDivorce Process is a perfect example of an online divorce service that is tailored to suit these criteria. If you're thinking about doing it yourself (DIY) divorce in California and prefer to handle the procedure online, this program is for you. We've broken down the traditionally complex California divorce process into four easy steps, all while keeping prices reasonable. Importantly, we do not charge you any additional costs during the checkout process, and we provide you with an introductory meeting at the base price. Getting a divorce shouldn’t just be for those who are willing to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars for lawyers

Here's a Breakdown of How Our Program Operates Online Divorce:

Basic Plan

The Basic Plan includes:

Strategy Meeting with TCD divorce expert

Our Simple-to-follow Four-Step Process
Online Form Software (all required CA divorce forms)
Online Marital Settlement Agreement Builder
Unlimited Forms editing
Detailed Flowcharts & Checklists
Online Video Tutorials (more than 8 hours of top strategies, divorce steps, and secrets. 2-year access)

Simple Plan

The Simple Plan includes:

All the basics Plans plus:
We will review your court forms (JC forms) and provide you with the fixes
We will file your court forms & MSA

Complete Plan

The Complete Plan includes:

All the basics Plans plus:
Review of your spouse’s court forms
File of your spouse’s court forms
1 hour divorce meeting with TCD divorce expert

Can I Get Alimony in California If I Divorce Online?

Yes, even if you opt to divorce online, you may be able to get alimony (also known as spousal support) in California. The availability and amount of alimony you may receive are determined by several factors, including the length of your marriage, each spouse's financial situation, and the court's discretion.

  • Marriage Eligibility and Duration
  • Factors of Finance
  • Negotiated Spousal Support Calculator
  • Court Approval

Our online divorce system is intended to help you negotiate all aspects of divorce, including alimony while protecting your rights. During

your California divorce, we provide tools and advice to help you understand and negotiate alimony settlements.

Work through Video Tutorials and Complete Forms:

Utilize our online form builder to complete your divorce paperwork. We've divided the process into four steps, and you can watch video tutorials that correspond to each step, all from the comfort of your home using online tools.

  • Optional Form Review:

If you opt for it, we'll review your court forms for accuracy and completeness, with all document exchanges conveniently handled online.

  • File your Forms:

You can either file your forms yourself online or let us handle the filing for you (optional), adding an extra layer of convenience to your online divorce experience.

  • Upgrade and Add More Assistance:

You can upgrade your plan and add more support from our team online as needed.

What Is the Form Builder?

Our online form builder simplifies the completion of California divorce forms, providing a convenient online platform for this essential part of the process. You'll complete the form for:

  1. Filing for Divorce
  2. Exchanging Financial Information
  3. Reaching an Agreement
  4. Filing the Agreement with the Court, all through the online interface

Forms can be revised as needed, and your Marital Settlement Agreement (MSA) is downloadable in Word format for customization, making online divorce in California an efficient choice.

What Are the Video Tutorials?

Our video tutorials provide step-by-step instructions on crucial divorce topics and procedures, including:

Step One Videos:

○ Course One: Divorce Basics

■ Learn the 4 steps to every CA divorce

■ Lesson 1: Divorce Basics

■ Forms: FL-100, FL-120, and FL-105

○ Course Two: Starting a Divorce

■ How to choose the right process and start your divorce successfully.

■ Lesson 1: Starting Strong

■ Lesson 2: Choosing the Right Process

■ Lesson 3: How to Locate, File, and Serve Court Forms

■ Lesson 4: Starting a Divorce

■ Local County Forms Primer

Step Two Videos:

○ Course Three: Dividing Property & Debts

■ Learn property laws, negotiation tips for the division of property, and how to fill out your required disclosure forms.

■ Lesson 1: Declarations of Disclosure

■ Lesson 2: Dividing your Assets & Debts

■ Lesson 3: Credits and Reimbursements

■ Forms: FL-140, FL-142, FL-150, FL-155, FL-160

Step Three Videos:

○ Course Four: Child Custody

■ Learn the differences in custody, timeshare schedules, & how to have a great parenting plan

■ Lesson 1: Child Custody

■ Forms: FL-341, FL-341(c), FL-341(d), FL-341(e)

■ Sample Holiday Template & Parenting Plan

○ Course Five:  Child Support

■ How child support is calculated, when it's ordered and how it is paid; and what expenses are shared

■ Lesson 1: Child Support

■ Forms: FL-191, FL-192, FL-342(a), FL-300, FL-350

○ Course Six: Spousal Support

■ When is spousal support ordered, what is it, how it's calculated, and how to negotiate the right amount

■ Lesson 1: Spousal Support

■ Forms: FL-300, FL-343

○ Course Seven: Support Calculator

■ [Overall summary]: Instructions on how to use the support calculator

■ Lesson 1: Support Calculator for Guideline Child Support & Temporary Spousal Support

■ Lesson 2: Enforcement of Support (note: this is a stand-alone video)

Step Four Videos

○ Course Nine:  Final Agreements  

■ Put everything you learned into a final agreement to become your divorce judgment

■ Lesson 1: Preparing your Final Agreement

■ Forms: FL-130, FL-141, FL-144, FL-165, FL-170, FL-180, FL-190, FL-341, FL-341(c), FL-341(d), FL-341(e), FL-342, FL-342(a), FL-343, FL-345

■ Sample Marital Settlement Agreement (MSA)

Additional Resources:

In addition to the online form software and video tutorials, we provide you with lots of additional resources like:

  • Flowcharts for each step
  • Checklist broken down by step

With TheCompleteDivorce, we are certain you will be in control of your divorce. You will save time and money. Book your strategy session now and let’s get started.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I get a divorce in California for free?

To acquire a free divorce in California, follow these steps:

  • If you are experiencing financial difficulties, look into fee waiver alternatives.
  • Use self-help centers and online resources for free forms and advice.
  • If you qualify, consider pro bono legal services.

How do I get a quick divorce in California?

To get a quick divorce in California:

  • Meet residency requirements.
  • Opt for an uncontested divorce if possible.
  • Complete and file required forms.
  • Serve divorce papers.
  • Attend court hearings if necessary.
  • Receive the divorce decree once approved.
Is it feasible to get a divorce in California while having a child?

Yes, it is possible to get an internet divorce in California with a child, but certain legal conditions must be followed, and it is recommended to consult with an attorney or use an online divorce service to ensure the process is completed appropriately, especially when children are involved.

Is a California Online divorce process legal?

Yes, for many couples, internet divorce can be both legal and practical. It provides a simple approach to managing the legal procedure of divorce. To ensure a smooth and legal divorce. Remember, you don't have to go through this difficult time alone; there is help available to assist you.