Spousal Support

Spousal Support: Temporary Spousal Support

 If you are entitled to spousal support, you can receive temporary spousal support once you file for divorce. Temporary support is meant to help the lower earner temporarily pay expenses while divorcing. 

The temporary spousal support amount is based on the lower earner’s need and the higher earner’s ability to pay. Most judges use support calculators to figure out the amount, such as their county’s approved computer software programs like DissoMaster. You can also use the free support calculator on the Department of Child Support Services website. At the bottom of the input screen of the free calculator, there’s a very small box to check for temporary spousal support. The explanation of how to complete the calculator is in our course “Support Calculator.

After temporary spousal support is paid, it usually results in the higher earner receiving about 60% of the net family income and the lower earner receiving 40%. The net family income is both spouses’ combined income after taxes and adjustments. This does not include child support. 

If you need temporary spousal support while divorcing, you can get it by reaching an agreement with your spouse or by going to court.

By agreement, use one of the approved calculators or negotiate another amount that you believe is fair. The 60/40 split’s more complicated than using your take home pays. So if you trying to figure it out without a calculator, you can use the budget you put together on page 3 of your Income and Expense Declaration, FL-150, to show your needs. You can also watch our Support Calculator video for guidance.

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