Summary Dissolution in California

The initial forms you need to file with the court to start your divorce basically say to the court, I want a divorce. That is it. It’s not your divorce agreement, and completing these forms doesn’t finish your case. You’ll not get a court hearing or trial to finish your case. But, these papers are important. You can’t start your case without them and every divorcing couple must complete them.

There is one very limited exception where both spouses can be Petitioners. It’s a simplified divorce process called Summary Dissolution. Few people qualify for this process. This process is for couples married for less than 5 years without children, very little property or debts, and an agreement that neither one of you’ll receive spousal support from the other. If you are interested in pursuing a Summary Dissolution, read the court’s information booklet, FL-810, “Summary Dissolution Information,” for more information which we have provided as a download.

FL-810 Packet

Guide for Summary Dissolution

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