FL-342(a) Non-Guideline Child Support Findings Attachment

There are a few exceptions to guideline child support. A judge has the option to order non-guideline support when the guideline is not the right amount to meet your child’s needs. This may happen when a parent has an extraordinarily high income; the guideline amount doesn’t fairly reflect the custodial time; or the judge believes there are special circumstances to order a different amount. Like, different time-sharing arrangements for different children; relatively equal time but one parent pays far more for housing relative to income, or a child with special medical or other needs requires more support.

You and your spouse can also agree to a different amount other than a guideline, called non-guideline child support. Non-guideline can be more or less than the guideline amount, referred to as above or below guideline.

If you have a non-guideline agreement, you must still state what is the guideline amount in your agreement and that you will not be agreeing to it. If it is below the guideline, you must also include the Non-Guideline Child Support Findings Attachment, FL-342(a), which has the Family Code Section 4065 stipulations written out.

Non-Guideline Child Support Findings Attachment, FL-342(a) California Divorce

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