Choosing the Right California Divorce Process

You’ll want to choose the process that gives you the greatest chance of success. A successful process takes the least amount of time, keeps your costs down, resolves disputes, and isn’t difficult.

You have four options.

  1. CA Divorce Litigation;
  2. CA Divorce collaborative law;
  3. CA Divorce mediation, and
  4. DIY divorce, doing it on your own.
Right divorce process in California

Each process has different strengths and weaknesses; we can evaluate these pros and cons using four factors: time, cost, control, and difficulty level. But whatever process you choose, your success depends not only on the process but your commitment to the resolution.

Keep in mind, that doing your divorce on your own is the cheapest and most cost-effective CA divorce process. If you and your spouse agree and don’t have much, this makes a DIY divorce even better. Check out our program, The Complete Divorce, to get started and be done quickly. It works out to be the fastest way to get a California divorce. And, if you need help, you can work with one of our divorce mediators and save money on your divorce. If you have more complicated assets, check out our full-service divorce mediation at Families First Mediation

If you are trying to determine what process to use to divorce, here is what you need to consider:


Time is money. You want a process that gives you enough time to make the right decisions, but isn’t so long that it costs more than it’s worth. A long divorce is very expensive, can take a huge toll on you and your family, and can negatively impact your job. But you don’t want to rush through a divorce either; otherwise, you’re likely to make mistakes.


You want to achieve the best results for the best price. This isn’t the cheapest option but the best price for your case. Litigation with attorneys is expensive and if your case is not complicated, you are spending money that can be best spent elsewhere. Working with your spouse is the least expensive but if your case is complicated, you’ll need a divorce professional or risk not finishing or making costly mistakes.


The people with control over your case make the decisions. The best process gives you and your spouse the ability to make most or all decisions and limits the influence of other professionals, like a judge.

Difficulty level:

Every process has a different procedure; some are more difficult than others. Litigation tends to be the most difficult because of the complicated legal procedures and, I believe, mediation is the easiest because you have the assistance of a divorce professional and don’t have to use the court process.

Ideally, you want the process that gives you the best results for the least amount of time and cost....In reality, your choice is limited by what your spouse is willing to do and how much money you are willing to spend. Understanding your options is important so that you pick the right process for you.

At TheCompleteDivorce, our experienced divorce attorneys can provide you with an effective and easy way to divorce in California without draining your wallet. Before you go, consider if we can help you. We have helped thousands of couples in California. Our guided DIY divorce is successful and cheap! Our services are all 5-star!