What are the keys to a successful divorce?

Here at, we believe that if you are educated about the law and have instructions on the CA divorce process, you have what you need to have a successful divorce. This way you stay in control of your divorce process and not the lawyers or judge.

Can I get a divorce on my own without A Lawyer In 2023?

Yes! Now with, I’m proud to say that people like you can and have successfully finished their CA divorce on their own. TheCompleteDivorce Program is designed so you can go through the entire divorce process not only on your own but finish successfully. Follow our step-by-step instructions on your time wherever you are!

Is it possible to avoid court in California Divorce?

Yes! You do not have to go to court to divorce in California. You can do your entire divorce without ever stepping foot in a courtroom and do much better than those that do, California state law does not require you to appear in court for a divorce. In fact, you want to avoid court at all costs. Even Divorce lawyers avoid court for their own divorces and settle out of court.

Do I need a lawyer for Divorce in California?

You don’t need a lawyer but you might need one. It’s a personal decision and depends on the complication of your case. If you get a lawyer, the best way to use one is to help you with complicated situations, to help you create a winning strategy that keeps you out of court, or to review your final agreement.

By using, you can have educated conversations with your experienced divorce attorney so you can stay in control of your divorce or just use the lawyer to review your work. Talk about huge cost savings!

What if I already started a Divorce?

It’s never too late to take control of your divorce. If you already hired lawyers and are litigating, this program can give you the education you need to make the right decisions and have informed conversations with your lawyer. You might even decide that you should pause your litigation and work with your spouse to finish your divorce.

If you are doing it on your own, you can start in our course where you left off. You might find it beneficial to start at the beginning of our program. You might learn a few tricks that can help you finish.

Should I work with my spouse?

Yes! You want to avoid trial! The only way to do that is to reach an agreement with your spouse. But you both don’t want to agree just to agree. You want to do so from an educated position and one that takes your family into consideration. 

Where do I even get started in Divorce?

You found your step one. Divorce is overwhelming. You are in one of the toughest emotional and financial times in your life and are expected to deal with a difficult legal process. So unfair! You don’t need a divorce process that is hard, expensive, and long. With, you can go step by step with the cheapest rate at your comfort level to get through it.

What forms do I need to file for Divorce in California?

Every CA divorce requires that you file the initial papers called the Petition for Dissolution of Marriage. You also must file your Divorce judgment packet. This includes the FL-141, Declaration Regarding Service of Declaration of Disclosure, and the FL-180, Judgment. It should also include your final divorce agreement, either using the FL-180 attachments or writing a Marital Settlement Agreement. (MSA).

Instructional videos are provided for all required forms in our course, “,” as well as a sample MSA. Your local county may also require that you file the FL-150, Income & Expense Declaration, which is also provided in our course. You may have additional local forms to file. You can learn more in our Local County Forms Primer.

How do I fill out the forms that need filing?

You will need to access a fillable version of the Ca Divorce form. You can do so at the court website here. Few forms have court-provided instructions. You can find those with the form name “INFO.” If you need additional instruction, check out one of our courses!

What if I can't do my divorce on my own?

Without the right resources, it is very difficult to do your divorce on your own. If you do, it’s often about checking the right box and hoping the court clerk will accept your papers. It ends up taking a long time because your papers may get rejected and you have to do them again, wait in long lines, and work it into your life schedule.

With, we help you by taking you through a step-by-step process that you can do wherever you are and whenever you have time. If you have other problems that you cannot do on your own, we believe the next best option is to mediate. If you have a very complicated case or an uncooperative spouse, you may also have to litigate (go to court). If you do, you want to stay in control of your divorce process by being well-informed and looking for creative ways and opportunities to reach an agreement.

How do I know I'm making the right decision?

You will need to make a lot of decisions in your divorce. Some may be obvious and others hard. Some will be guided by the law and others because you and your spouse agreed that was the best way to settle it. However you make the decision, it’ll be right for you if you are the one making them. The only way to do that is if you stay in control of your divorce and not give that right to a judge.

What if this divorce takes years to complete?

The trick in doing a divorce on your own is to stay focused and know what is required for each step. Take some time to learn about your options and process then move forward. By doing so, it will not take years to finish. You will have minimized mistakes that cost you in time. 

What if I have a lawyer or mediator?

You can still benefit from The program will help you understand the divorce process, family law, and the options available so you can better discuss these with your attorney or use them in mediation to craft a winning agreement.

What if we have to get court?

You want to be prepared for your court hearing. If it is on temporary issues, you could benefit from our course, Temporary Orders. There’s also a section discussing how to prepare for your hearing. Keep looking for opportunities to settle. You do best to avoid court and take control of your divorce.

Can the divorce cost me hundreds of thousands of dollars?

A traditional divorce can cost you this much! Lawyers work on time, both efficient and inefficient use of it. Unfortunately, the court process is filled with rules and procedures that lawyers have to follow. That ends up costing you the lawyers spending your money on the procedure, not getting you a great settlement or educating you on the law. For most lawyers, it’ll take a minimum of one year before they will work on a settlement or go to trial on your case!

With, you can go step by step with your comfort level at the cheapest rate.

How can I keep my divorce private and confidential?

Divorce is a private matter, but in California the process itself is public. This means what you file is public and any court hearings are public. The best option is to avoid the public nature of divorce by avoiding court hearings and trial, and limiting what you file to what is necessary.

Why would I prefer

Because offers the most affordable divorce with the help of our experienced Divorce attorneys who have more than 15 years of experience. You can also do it yourself (DIY Divorce) through thecompletedivorce web application. Because we understand that the divorce process is extremely traumatic, our tool can handle all of your divorce burdens.