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Dina Haddad
2023 Choosing the Right Divorce Process in California
Choosing the Right California Divorce ProcessYou’ll want to choose the process that gives you the greatest chance of success. A successful process takes the least amount of time, keeps your costs down, resolves disputes, and isn’t difficult. You have four options. CA Divorce Litigation; CA Divorce collaborative law; CA Divorce mediation, and DIY divorce, doing it on your own. Each process […]
husband and wife is sitting on a couch while their daughter is sitting on floor and are offended.
DIVORCE OPTIONS IN CALIFORNIADivorce is unchartered territory. It’s a complicated and unfamiliar legal process that deals with very personal issues. You want to get it right, but if you don’t know what you are doing, it’ll take you longer, cost you more, and you can’t guarantee you’ll get a good result.Don’t get stuck in your […]
Collaborative law in california divorce
2023 Collaborative Law in California divorce
Collaborative Law:Our next process is collaborative law or collaborative practice. You and your spouse, a mental health professional, a financial expert, and two attorneys, one for each of you, work together to reach an agreement using a “team approach”. The spouses and attorneys agree not to use any formal court procedures, like a judge, hearings, […]
Divorce mediation
2023 What is Divorce Mediation in a California?
What is Divorce Mediation?Mediation:In mediation, you and your spouse work with a mediator to complete your divorce. The mediator is a neutral party who does not represent you or give you advice, but acts as a guide. Each mediator has their own style, providing a different degree of guidance and structure. A mediator may be […]
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