Part 3: Anyone Can Get Divorced Without The Fees

Jeanette had trusted her lawyer… but she had lost complete control over her divorce.

That’s when she reached out to me.

I told her she’d be able to finish her divorce without any more lawyer fees.

At first, she was skeptical… She’d already spent thousands and assumed the only way forward was to keep spending until the divorce was resolved.

Following my advice, she reached out to her ex-husband to see if there was anything they could do to work things out… without the expensive lawyers.

Her husband, also feeling the financial and emotional pressure of divorce agreed.

Armed with her new knowledge she was able to reach a settlement that worked for both her and her ex-husband.

She followed the four steps for divorce to save herself tens of thousands of dollars in lawyer fees.

I want to share these four steps with you… to show you that you can avoid the financial and emotional costs that come with divorce.

Because getting your settlement is your ultimate goal.

And following these steps will help you reach that goal without any wasted time, money or energy.

Step 1. Starting Your Divorce.

It is important to start your divorce by filing a petition in your county’s family court.

To do this, you or your spouse must have been a resident of California for the past 6 months, with 3 of those months in your county.

When children are involved in the case, they must have lived in California for the past 6 months for the court to have authority to make child custody orders on your case.

Step 2. Disclosing Financial Documents To Your Spouse.

The next thing you must do is to disclose financial documents with your spouse.

The Declaration of Disclosures are important documents, and they must be shared with your spouse at the start and end of your case.

Failure to complete these forms could leave the court in a position to penalize.

Step 3. Resolve Issues.

This is where you and your spouse will decide who will get what property, be responsible for what debt, whether there will be support and the amounts, and your parenting plan.

Basically, there are three main issues. (1) Division of assets and debts; (2) Child custody; and (3) Child and spousal support to resolve your case.

Your best option is always to negotiate an agreement with your spouse and avoid court.

(1) Assets and debts. If you had any assets or debts before marriage or after you separate, or any gifts or inheritance no matter when received, is considered separate property and 100% yours.

Otherwise, all the assets or debts received or incurred during the marriage are community property and are divided between you.

(2) Child Custody. If you have children under the age of 18, and they are still in high school you must decide whether you will have sole or joint legal and physical custody.

(3) Child and Spousal Support.

In every case, you must declare an amount for child support.

Even if you agree to no child support, the guideline child support amount must be included in your divorce papers or your papers will be rejected.

You can calculate this with a California child support calculator.

Next, you must address spousal support. Unless you agree differently, the higher-earning spouse is required to provide financial support.

The length and amount will be determined by the spouses’ income, the standard of living and the length of the marriage.

Even if you are going to waive spousal support, you must include this in your divorce papers so that your papers are not rejected.

Step 4. Receiving Your Divorce Judgement.

Once you’ve successfully negotiated an agreement on all these issues, you are ready to submit your agreement to the court to obtain a divorce judgement.

If your spouse has refused to participate, instead of an agreement, you’ll be submitting a proposed order.

At this point, if you haven’t reached an agreement you have the option to proceed to trial to resolve these issues.

Based on the evidence you present, the judge will decide the unresolved issues and those decisions will become your divorce judgement.

To review the four steps, check out this quick video I put together:

When Jeanette followed these steps in her divorce, her situation improved dramatically.

She saved herself tens of thousands of dollars in legal fees from a case that could have dragged on for months.

Although it meant Jeanette needed to negotiate and do some work, the end result was worth it.

She found they were able to be far more creative and flexible than what her lawyer or a judge could do for her.

And it was more in line with what she and her spouse had discussed.

Most importantly, she was happy with her divorce agreement…

Let me show you how you can complete your divorce without lawyers or costly fees, and stay in control to get your ideal agreement.

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