Take Control Of Your Divorce Without The Emotional And Financial Damage

Lawyers… Court Dates… And Fees… Aren’t The Only Way To Get Divorced… There’s A New Way That Won’t Take Months Or Drain Your Life’s Savings.

In the next few short pages, I’m going to change the way you think about divorce…

You might be thinking, lawyers, court and fees are all part of the deal…

In a “typical divorce”, they might be.

Both parties find lawyers…

They meet to discuss the terms of the divorce.

And once an agreement has been reached the papers are filed to a judge.

Sounds simple right?

Well… I want to introduce you to Jeannette (not her real name for legal reasons).

She first contacted me when she was at her wit’s end after going through a similar “not-so-simple” process.

Like most people, she hired a lawyer to represent her case.

She was told this would “all be over quickly and wouldn’t cost her more than $5,000”.

But when Jeanette reached out to me… it was clear things WEREN’t working…

I was shocked by the emotional and financial damage her divorce was causing her.

As a full-time family law litigator and mediator for the past decade, I’ve seen the emotional and financial costs add up.

But Jeannette’s case was bad… She’d been driven to the brink… was stressed and totally exhausted.

And things were going to get worse for Jeanette.

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