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Before you decide... prepare.


Understand the divorce rules
You wouldn't play a board game without knowing the rules, divorce is the same.
Choose the right divorce process

Proven: DIY & Mediation are your best options. Our hybrid approach gives you both and saves you $$$.

Get your Spouse on Board

Yes, that's right. You need to find the right way to work together. I'll help you figure that out.

Be a smart buyer.

Making the wrong choice in the beginning of a divorce costs an average of $30,000.00 and 2 years of your life. Don't start wrong. Avoid these major pitfalls with my course.

Don't move forward until you know the answers to these vital issues.

Does a court decide or you and your spouse?

Which divorce process is right for me?

How do I tell my spouse about the divorce?

Can we work together or do I need to serve divorce papers?

When do we tell the children?

How will the property and debts be divided?

If one of us moves, does that parent lose custody?

How is child & spousal support calculated?

How do you file court papers, serve them, and stay out of court?

Anyone who is going to divorce in California needs this. CA attorney-mediator, Dina Haddad, held nothing back so you can be prepared and do well.

For Only $199.00 You’ll Learn

Over 4 hours of important strategies to use before you file & for when you start!



Divorce Basics

Learn the 4 steps to every CA divorce.

Lesson 1: Divorce Basics

Lesson 2: Starting Your Divorce



Is Divorce Right for Me?

How to choose the right process and start your divorce successfully. 

Lesson 1: Starting Strong

Speaking with Your Spouse

Speaking with Your Children

Lesson 2: Choosing the Right Process

Lesson 3: How to Locate, File and Serve Court Forms

Lesson 4: Starting a Divorce

What is the Petition Packet & Response Packet



Dividing Property & Debts

Learn property laws, negotiation tips for division of property, and how to fill out your required disclosure forms.. 

Lesson 1: Declarations of Disclosure

Lesson 2: Dividing Your Assets and Debts

Lesson 3: Credits and Reimbursements



Child Custody

Learn the differences in custody, timeshare schedules, & how to have a great parenting plan.  

Lesson 1: Child Custody

Sample Holiday Template & Parenting Plan



Child Support

How child support is calculated, when its ordered and how its paid; and what expenses are shared. 

Lesson 1: Child Support

Example DissoMaster & Bonus Table



Spousal Support

When spousal support is ordered, what it is, how it is calculated, and how to negotiate the right amount. 

Lesson 1: Spousal Support



Support Calculator

Instructions on how to use the support calculator.

Lesson 1: Support Calculator for Guideline Child Support & Temporary Spousal Support

Lesson 2: Enforcement of Support



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I'm going to let you in on a secret. What lawyers haven't shared. What's impossible to find on the internet.

The most important step in any divorce is how to divorce. If you are considering a divorce, don't file until you are equipped with these answers.

When you know the steps, the exceptions, the whys, and the then what's, you will be able to (1) assess whether divorce is right for you and (2) be prepared to do this correctly.

It's really not hard to do. You can get through the entire video course in an afternoon. Don't make the mistake of going into this unprepared.

I believe every person should be in control of their divorce. That starts for you today.

Don't Make Michelle's Mistake

Knowledge is the Key to Success.

No Secrets Held Back.

TCD Video Tutorials

I highly recommend Dina and Deborah...Dina is awesome she helped guide us from beginning to the end through this very hard and emotional process of divorce. I loved her compassion towards our needs and looked out for the best interest of our family. This is one of the hardest and complicated things to go through and she made sure we understood everything answering all of our questions. We really appreciate all your help and how smoothly the whole process went. Thank-you.


The transition out of marriage has been difficult and emotional. Dina has shown excellent professionalism throughout the process. She has a warm sensitivity that allows both parties to see what is most beneficial for the family unit. I thank her for all her hard work and her quick email responses during this challenging time...Thank you Dina.


Anyone going through a California divorce needs this!