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Dina Haddad, Esq., LLM

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I'm going to let you in on a secret. What lawyers haven't shared. What's impossible to find on the internet.

How to divorce in California. And I'm not just talking about just the steps, but the exceptions, the whys, and the then what's, you need to divorce right.

I'm Dina Haddad, a family law attorney-mediator in California. I'm so tired of couples not having the information they need to make smart decisions in their divorce. They are getting lost in their divorce, wasting time and money, and beyond frustrated with their results.

That's why I created The Complete Divorce. With TCD, I'll take you from start to finish in your divorce, so you don't waste money and time on attorneys and court rejections. All you need if you want to do your own divorce.

And if you plan to work with an attorney or mediator, this program still works for you. An average CA divorce costs $30K and takes over a year. With TCD, you'll know how to have the right conversations with your attorney, saving you time & money.

I highly recommend Dina and Deborah…Dina is awesome she helped guide us from beginning to the end through this very hard and emotional process of divorce. I loved her compassion towards our needs and looked out for the best interest of our family. This is one of the hardest and complicated things to go through and she made sure we understood everything answering all of our questions. We really appreciate all your help and how smoothly the whole process went. Thank-you.


The transition out of marriage has been difficult and emotional. Dina has shown excellent professionalism throughout the process. She has a warm sensitivity that allows both parties to see what is most beneficial for the family unit. I thank her for all her hard work and her quick email responses during this challenging time…Thank you Dina.


A Special Message from Dina

Anyone going through a California divorce needs this!

See Inside the Silver Plan

What You’ll Learn

Over 4 hours of important divorce law plus over 3 hours of form tutorials!


Divorce Basics

Learn the 4 steps to every CA divorce.

Lesson 1: Divorce Basics

Forms: FL-100, FL-120, Caption and FL-105


Starting A Divorce

How to choose the right process and start your divorce successfully. 

Lesson 1: Starting Strong

Lesson 2: Choosing the Right Process

Lesson 3: How to Locate, File and Serve Court Forms

Lesson 4: Starting a Divorce

Local County Forms Primer

Forms: FL-100, FL-105, FL-100, FL-115, FL-117, FL-160, FL-335


Dividing Property & Debts

Learn property laws, negotiation tips for division of property, and how to fill out your required disclosure forms.. 

Lesson 1: Declarations of Disclosure

Lesson 2: Dividing Your Assets and Debts

Lesson 3: Credits and Reimbursements

Forms: FL-140, FL-142, FL-150, FL-155, FL-160


Child Custody

Learn the differences in custody, timeshare schedules, & how to have a great parenting plan.  

Lesson 1: Child Custody

Forms: FL-341, FL-341(c), FL-341(d), FL-341(e)

Sample Holiday Template & Parenting Plan


Child Support

How child support is calculated, when its ordered and how its paid; and what expenses are shared. 

Lesson 1: Child Support

Forms: FL-191, FL-192, FL-342(a), FL-300, FL-350


Spousal Support

When spousal support is ordered, what it is, how it is calculated, and how to negotiate the right amount. 

Lesson 1: Spousal Support

Forms: FL-300, FL-343


Support Calculator

Instructions on how to use the support calculator.

Lesson 1: Support Calculator for Guideline Child Support & Temporary Spousal Support

Lesson 2: Enforcement of Support


Obtaining Temporary Orders

How to prepare and file a request for order or stipulation (agreement). 

Lesson 1: Obtaining Temporary Orders

Forms: FL-150, FL-155, FL-300, FL-320, FL-330, FL-335, FL-350, MC-031

Sample Stipulation & Order caption


Final Agreements

Put everything you learned into a final agreement to become your divorce judgment. 

Lesson 1: Preparing your Final Agreement

Forms: FL-130, FL-141, FL-144, FL-165, FL-170, FL-180, FL-190, FL-341, FL-341(c), FL-341(d), FL-341(e), FL-342, FL-342(a), FL-343, FL-345

Sample Marital Settlement Agreement (MSA)

*This includes a review and detailed instructions for corrections of your required family law Judicial Council forms for Petition & Response Packets and Divorce Judgment, including your MSA.

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